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Maps of the Local Area, Region and Island

Hale Pōhaku is situated on the Island of Hawaiʻi, the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, which is also known as the Big Island or Orchid Isle. We are on the western side of the island on the beautiful Kona Coast, just south of the town of Kailua Kona (Kailua is called Kailua Kona to distinguish it from Kailua on the Island of Oʻahu).

You will also often see Kailua Kona referred to as Kailua-Kona, but the official Post Office designation is without the hyphen.

The first map shows the area directly around Hale Pōhaku and Kailua. The other maps show the Kona Coast from the Keahole International Airport to Keauhou, as well as the entire island of Hawaiʻi (with Kailua Kona marked in purple).

 [Map of Kona from Kailua to Hale Pōhaku]
Kailua Area
 [Map of Kona from Keahole Airport to Hale Pōhaku]
Kona Area
 [Map of Big Island of Hawaiʻi]
Big Island of Hawaiʻi

From the airport, it is about 11 miles south to Hale Pōhaku (about 20 minutes, but times can be 2 to 3 times longer during peak traffic periods). Hale Pōhaku is between Kailua Kona and Keauhou, about 2 miles south of Kailua village.

The Riviera Villa, Kona by the Sea, and Casa De Emdeko condos on Aliʻi Drive are just a bit north of Hale Pōhaku (with a stretch of ocean-front homes in between); while to the south are the Hale Kai OʻKona and Kona Nalu condos. Following those is a church, formerly the church without a roof, now Living Stones Church.

Floorplan and Cross Section of Building

 [Cutaway side view of Hale Pōhaku building]

Please note that I am not an artist,
so these are not to scale!

 [Floor plan of Hale Pōhaku]
Floor Plan
This is a side view of the layout of the complex and a simplified floor plan of our unit.

There are actually 4 levels on the seaward side and 3 on the inland side. From the carport, the path through the breezeway inclines slightly up to the front door. To reach the pool, which is at ocean level, you descend a flight of stairs. The back door also leads to a stair case that goes down one level to the pool area. The lānai is thus actually one level up, so the view is wonderful!